06 Jul 13 at 1 pm

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So I’ve been trying to shake things up lately with work outs. I started going to the climbing gym (which I used to do every day almost), which is a great ab work out and arm work out. I’ve also been running trails to get a change of setting, and I joined a co ed soccer team with some friends which hasn’t started yet. On top of that, I need to kick my running into high gear because I’m running a half marathon in a month. I’m feeling like I’m not going to be ready because my running has been less consistent this summer. I’m also on the look out for a new road bike and I want to start doing a lot of biking and hopefully eventually planning a cross country trip (at least 500 miles). Who knows if this will actually happen, but it’s never bad to have a goal! 

I think I might be super strange, but when I get in the snacking mood, I pour a cup or so of frozen peas and crunch away. I am obsessed with them!! It’s a problem. But a great substitute to chips, or crackers. Way fewer calories, and much more nutritional value. And, it satisfies the feeling of just wanting something to chew on. It sounds weird, I know, but try it!

I find it interesting when people say, “I can’t lose weight because I love to eat.” Well, duh! Everyone loves to eat, it’s what keeps us alive! It’s natural to want to feed yourself, and you should never stop loving to eat (that’s where dangerous habits develop), you just have to train yourself to eat foods that will love you back! It’s like a bad relationship; no matter how much you love someone, it wont make any difference if they don’t love you back and treat you the way you should be. It’s just going to hurt you more in the end. Same thing with food: you may love Oreos and donuts, but what are they doing for you? Weight gain and clogged arteries. Not a healthy relationship. 

Fall in love with foods that will love you back. Foods that will sustain you throughout the day, give you energy to be active and happy, and provide the nutrients that promote long term wellness. It may be difficult to kick that ice cream habit at first, but after you start maintaining a healthy diet, your body starts craving those healthy foods. It’s true! Naturally your body craves fruit sugars, not processed, and healthy fat, not trans fat. So once you flush out the bad, you’re going to start craving the good. That’s not to say that you’re never going to want ice cream again (let’s be real people). But you’re going to start reaching for that juicy peach when your sweet tooth starts acting up, and maybe the ice cream once a week! (Also, there’s a lot to be said for which type of ice cream you choose. Try coconut/almond milk ice cream, with natural ingredients). 

So try it out! Stock your fridge with beautiful produce and veggies and find new exciting recipes! Believe me, the process worked for me!

30 Apr 12 at 2 pm


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Another five mile run, but I shaved a minute and a half off my last time! This time around I ran it in 36:30, which is a 7:26 average pace. It felt really good, and I had a great work out afterwards with a lot of weight training for my arms and abdominal muscles. Yayy gym!

I’ve been having an every-other-day kind of work out week, which is really unlike me. I didn’t go to the gym yesterday, but the day before I ran five miles (38 min) and did a really good leg workout and then abs work out so I felt good about that. Monday I worked out as well, but didn’t make it on Tuesday. I need to start going everyday again, so hopefully I’ll be able to put other things aside. I’ve been incredibly stressed lately, and it’s coming down to the final weeks of class so there’s just so much to do. No excuses though!! 

Happy Friday!