20 Sep 12 at 7 pm

Simple, helpful hints!


MindFirstFitness ’Fit Fact’: Poor posture decreases neuromuscular efficiency or ‘mind-to-muscle’ functionality, and increases the risk of injury during exercise. Here’s our solution to start improving your posture right where you sit or stand!

1. Sit or stand as tall as you can. Imagine a…

(Source: intellefit)

MindFirstFitness: The Canons of Proper Posture by MindFirstFitness

Today’s workout:

30 minutes biking: 9 miles

45 minutes running: 6 miles

15 minutes incline walk: 1 mile

30 minutes weight lifting: arms and abs

Total time: 2 hours! 

Annddd then school work comes and bites me in the ass. 


So I’ve been trying to shake things up lately with work outs. I started going to the climbing gym (which I used to do every day almost), which is a great ab work out and arm work out. I’ve also been running trails to get a change of setting, and I joined a co ed soccer team with some friends which hasn’t started yet. On top of that, I need to kick my running into high gear because I’m running a half marathon in a month. I’m feeling like I’m not going to be ready because my running has been less consistent this summer. I’m also on the look out for a new road bike and I want to start doing a lot of biking and hopefully eventually planning a cross country trip (at least 500 miles). Who knows if this will actually happen, but it’s never bad to have a goal!