Unofficially started Insanity yesterday. 

I stumbled on it on youtube, and then just did the first days worth, so that was cool. I still like to get out of the house, and either run outside or at the gym and use weights and things, but it’s a good addition to my current work out routine. 

I’m also going to begin yoga again while I’m home for a month, so that will be nice. I miss yoga! It just makes life so much happier!

So we have: gym, insanity, & power yoga

20 Sep 12 at 7 pm

Simple, helpful hints!


MindFirstFitness ’Fit Fact’: Poor posture decreases neuromuscular efficiency or ‘mind-to-muscle’ functionality, and increases the risk of injury during exercise. Here’s our solution to start improving your posture right where you sit or stand!

1. Sit or stand as tall as you can. Imagine a…

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MindFirstFitness: The Canons of Proper Posture by MindFirstFitness

Today’s workout:

30 minutes biking: 9 miles

45 minutes running: 6 miles

15 minutes incline walk: 1 mile

30 minutes weight lifting: arms and abs

Total time: 2 hours! 

Annddd then school work comes and bites me in the ass. 

love this
15 Sep 12 at 7 pm

beautiful body!

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beautiful body!

I don’t often talk about my recovery. More often than not, I’m recording the exercise for the day or what food I’ve eaten. But I’d like to take a moment to reflect on where I am, and some of the challenges I’m facing. The inner voice in unrelenting which makes progress rather difficult, but I manage to get by each day going through the motions with what I feel is positive (exercising and eating enough). My main difficulty is overcoming the rush of guilt that follows eating, whether it be an apple or a bowl of oatmeal, I can’t shake the feeling of shame. In the even that this could be triggering, I did not tag any eating disorder related terms, but even so, I hope this does not have a negative affect on anyone’s progress. I initially started this blog to find people like me, struggling, but it turned into something different. I thought it was better to stay completely positive, and to focus only on the fitness aspect of my daily routine. What I’ve come to realize, however, is that shoving this persistent voice under the rug is not doing myself any good. I am doing the best that I can, and I try to maintain a positive outlook, but at times I need to let my guard down and really allow for the raw emotions to come to the surface. Overcoming obstacles is not about ignoring them, but about facing them head-on with honesty and integrity. If I’m not honest with myself, I will never move forward in my life. Thanks to a wonderful support system, I no longer feel the need to hide beneath my inner struggles, but I still find it difficult to own up to my weaknesses as they stand. Hopefully, I can begin to let the wax coating of myself melt away and I will be free. 

07 Sep 12 at 1 pm

ahh gorgeous!

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ahh gorgeous!
07 Sep 12 at 1 pm

I had a long talk with  myself yesterday on the treadmill about this very thing (in my head, of course). I wanted to stop, but then I realized I didn’t really know why. I was not overly uncomfortable or in pain, and I had the time to do it so I just kept going. It’s always a good feeling to know that you can overcome mental distractions.

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